Calorie Burning


According to Billboard’s top 100–ranking as number 6 is Sean Kingston’s  hit Fire Burning. This is what I don’t get…why is he popular? What has he accomplished? Oh I know, he’s done everything that has already been done. The only difference is that he’s Jamaican and big. Cool.

But if you are more interested in an artists music video, instead of their song, I’d understand why you are Sean Kingston’s number one fan:


If you noticed, Sean Kingston is rarely shown throughout the video–instead the camera does close-ups on sweaty, dancing girls/guys. Genius! Now I have something to depend Sean on…he will have wicked attractive, talented people in his videos! Woohoo…I am so a fan (not).

But if he lost weight and had less distractions in his video, would he be famous?

To be honest, I think the listeners are too frightened to answer that.

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