They Try To Make Me Go To Rehab, But I Say–No, No, NO!


Of all the professions and careers out there, in my opinion, the artists of the music industry are the most sane. Let me guess, none of you agree with me…right?

Well let’s look at it this way:

What do artists thrive for?

That’s correct: A whole lot of attention.

Forget cash…

The only way they’re going to get the green is through people who actually buy their songs and go to their concerts.  As narcissistic as Kayne’s West’s lyrics are, you can learn something from his song Stronger, especially the line, “There’s a thousand yous, there’s only one of me.”

Trust me, he is not the only artist (or person), who thinks that.

Ever since I’ve contributed to the music industry, the soul of an average artist has been dissected–in my eyes–throughout the years.

This may sound absolutely ridiculous to you, but please give this a read and possibly put in your say about this:

The victim: Britney Spears

Britney’s first single was Hit Me Baby, One More Time; still to this day we do not know if the theme of the song was her idea or her manager’s. If I were to guess, it was a flip of a coin. I know for certain that the original music video idea was of her singing and dancing on this huge spinning record; but when Britney heard this news she instantly took over and explained the idea that established the music video we see today.

We all now from experience, that every artist has that song that is only sung for fans to temporarily feel bad for them. An example of one of Britney’s songs doing that would be Lucky. Yes, maybe she did wonder why she was hysterically crying every night even though she had everything she wanted. Boohoo…give me a break.

The only two songs–in my opinion–that were actually true about how she felt were Gimme More and If You Seek Amy. Obviously Britney wants more and more attention and she knows that no matter what, she will always be in some boy or girl’s fantasy!

Let me explain this in simpler terms:

In the eyes of an artist, their album is their therapy and the only way their issues are resolved is by their album going platinum; and an artist’s concert or autograph signing venue is their personal Alcoholic’s Anonymous meeting–a place where everyone will love them no matter how bad their addiction (for attention) is.

I don’t care what an artist or any person is addicted to…

…they could be addicted to alcohol, drugs, video games, clothing, or even music…

…but their addiction will only bring them one thing over and over again, and it will forever be accepted, and that is:


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