Trust Me, I’m A Doctor


Last night I saw the new commercial for Dr. Pepper, which was surprisingly simple but very clever:


In the commercial there is a mini advertisement for Dr. Dre (himself), his own headphones, and his Detox Album. The last line he says, ‘trust me, I’m a doctor,’ is priceless. Who won’t forget that?!

Too bad I’m not a fan of Dr. Pepper, but I am definitely a fan of him! Screw soda, I’m gonna go out and buy his new CD!

What are your thoughts on this commercial?


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  • Awesome commercial.

    The headphones, I heard, work great, too.

    And the Detox album isn’t new. Well it is – but it’s like 10 years old lol. 🙁
    He needs to hurry up

    I like the commercial tho