You’re delusional =/


Forget T-Pain, Soulja Boy…and the rest of those lazy auto-tune lovers.

Because right now, I am very disappointed with Mrs. MC!

Her new single from her next album, Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, which will be released on August 25th, 2009, is caked with auto-tune! From the first introductory notes to the last repeat of the chorus, is all auto-tune.


Okay…now I’m thinking to myself whether it is up for the artist to decide, the producer, the manager, or the fans…

Here we have a talented celebrity, who can sing very well! She just came out with her album E=MC2 with songs that showed off her voice range. But in her new single, ‘Obsessed’ it’s like a robot singing.

“Oh, look how cool I am! I can honestly sing really well but I want to be like everyone else! Auto-tune time!”


If you can sing, than don’t use auto-tune to the point where it’s obviously being used.

Give me a break!

I suggest you listen to the song:

Trust me we aren’t obsessed with her.

We are obsessed with what they can’t do.

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  • I can’t understand why she’d use auto-tune.

    It sounds disgusting lol. I could kick my cat, and it’d sound better than this.

    Auto-tune is way overused. At first it was cool, like people were saying, “Oh, it’s new and fresh!” – now it’s worn out and gross.

    Take a recording of Aunt Grandma in the bathroom, with explosive diarrhea, and Auto-Tune it, it would STILL be a hit.

    Thanks for giving an example of an amazing vocalist with a pitiful idea of music, it shows what this industry’s turning into..

    Love you,
    keep it up!