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In one of my previous blogs, I had a link to an interview of T-Pain who claimed that you need to be able to sing in order for auto-tune to sound good. If any of you are bowing down to T-Pain right now because of that statement, I suggest you get off from the ground, go to your computer, and check out this video:


Thank you ‘davidchoimusic!’

Thanks to you, auto-tune has been exposed!

In T-Pain’s single I Can’t Believe It, he definitely uses auto-tune, but during a performance he sings it live with out auto-tune. Wow. I am speechless. So, if he can sing like he claims, then what’s the point of making yourself sound like a robot? It’s so frustrating. It’s not just ‘tweaking’ a note so it hits the preferred note, it completely changes sound of the artist to the extent that they’re almost unperceived!

If you want a good laugh, watch the video of his song until you get to Lil Wayne’s part. I’d love it if someone responded with the lyrics of the song, because I have no idea what the heck he is saying. Lol, check it out:


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  • I don’t blame T-Pain for using it – he brought it to Hip-Hop. I blame everyone else who decided to work with it.

    He’s still stupid lol.

    Oh well, this is what it’s evolving into.

    Love you,
    another good exposure 😛