Something Doesn’t Work…


Even though our generation’s music has overdosed on auto-tune, we can’t jump to conclusions and blame an artist like T-Pain for flushing the thought of talent down the toilet. Yes, even though Michael Jackson’s funeral was today, there were still artists during his time that needed a few tweaks, so good music has not died–we are just waiting for it to resurrect.

Lately I’ve been listening to old hits from the late 90’s, early 2000’s, such as songs from: ‘Nsync, Play, 3Lw, Dream, Destiny’s Child, etc.

Have you ever noticed that in boy/girl groups there is always that one person who didn’t seem to belong?

For example–3LW’s song No More (Baby I’mma Do You Right):


The girl who sings the first verse has this weird voice that uses obvious reverb. It sounds like she has some type of speech impediment, or she just has a wicked thick accent. Even though everyone else in the group don’t have the greatest voices, it is not as peculiar as the other girl’s.

Another example–Play’s song I’m Gonna Make You Love Me


The girl with the long brunette hair and sunglasses has an interesting sound to her voice also. It’s not tweaked, it’s just kind of nasally.

Just something isn’t right with these groups…or any group really. There is always that one person who just doesn’t fit.

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