We’re The Best Of Friends…

As many people know, Mariah Carey’s new song Obsessed is a diss to Eminem. He claims that they did have a past affair, but she denies it. She even lied to her husband, Nick Cannon that she never did anything with Eminem.

Check out her video for her song Obsessed:


Now take a listen to a diss Eminem recorded about Mariah Carey entitled The Warning. He claims that she lied and that they did have sex. Check it out:


Who do you think defended themselves better?

…yeah, Eminem definitely won.

Let me know what you all think about this immature battle between two artists and why you think it’s become such a big deal.

  1. keithkessler says:

    helo dahv i am fan…you are music is but the best have herd…u are amzing and beutyful…i luv u…keith

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