Better Friends, Better Life, Better Brand


You are the company you keep.

If you hang around productive and motivational people, their traits will naturally rub off onto you. You too will feel inspired to work hard and push yourself.

If you hang around lazy people, the same influence will occur. At one point in your life, you were ready to conquer the world and complete your list of goals. But it’s been a few months since you’ve felt that inspired and within those few months you’ve been hanging around friends who aren’t willing to get a job at Wal-Mart.

With that in mind, here’s a concept I want you to ponder:

You are what you buy.

Better yet, you THINK you are what you buy.

Similar to people, brands have personalities. Overtime brands’ personalities can alter or if they’re successful nationally or globally, they will not change. Also similar to people, brands have a message. They communicate through several different outlets (like us!): Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. These personalities and messages are used to captivate a certain audience just like how your new friend’s personality or laugh can attract you.

Now it’s silly of us to say we associate with certain people because we worry about how others think of us.

BUT it is true.

The same goes for brands.

If someone prefers to shop at Target versus Wal-Mart – what does it say about him or her?

If a runner wears Nike instead of New Balance – doesn’t that give off a certain impression?

Now let’s switch back to the company we keep.

If you are determined to start going to the gym and change your overall lifestyle, wouldn’t you want to be around people who are improving themselves and play as a role model for you? Maybe you’ll start going to the gym with one of your friends who is in substantially good shape because you trust her judgment.

For bystanders at the gym, who are observing you, they see that you’re giving off an impression that you are motivated, ready for a fresh start, and determined. These three terms define your Personal Brand.

We all give off a message.

We all have different personalities.

You liking one clothing store over another is no different than you liking one girl or guy over another.

At the end of the day it is all about attraction.

What do you LIKE?

How does is make you FEEL?

And what do you want others to THINK?

Because you are associating yourself with someone who cares about fitness, you HOPE you will be perceived the same way.

Now let’s get back to the actual brands.

Whether or not you are someone who is flippant about material things, you are still giving into certain brands because you trust them and like their messaging. You are even willing to spare a couple more dollars for that Swiffer WetJet or Old Spice deodorant because you recognize the name. You are making a connection. These product choices tell others you like to conveniently keep your floors clean as well as your armpits. This is no different with people. You are more confident approaching a person who you know or had seen before, because the feeling and connection is familiar.

By picking a clique of friends and specific brand of clothing, you are creating your own Personal Brand.

Think about how you present yourself to your friends, coworkers or strangers at Wal-Mart (or would it be Target for you?).

It’s okay to make a change. Connections with brands and people come and go.

Just remember that every choice you make – in or outside of the store – speaks volumes.

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