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I’m going to elaborate on the number one topic people talk to me about: health & exercise.

I swear to God, sometimes I feel like I have “Talk to me about your diet” written on my forehead. It’s funny too because, the only education I have about good health and exercise comes from my mom. My mom is AFFA certified and taught aerobics for over twenty years. Everything I know about eating right has come from her. But besides that, I’m sort of on my own. So, I find it funny – even with the second hand experience I have – all sorts of people come to me to talk about their weight loss failures or successes.

The one thing I hear the most is: “I wish I had your motivation!”

Look, I believe that every single person has their OWN motivation; it solely depends on what you do and do not decide to make a priority. For me, exercising roughly three times a week and watching what I eat is really important to me. Working out is one of my outlets, and so is writing, listening to music and spending time with my boyfriend or other friends.

Another thing too – just because you can’t find the time or “right” method, don’t insult people who are actually going to the gym. Just because someone is exercising and NOT eating dessert every night does not mean they have an eating disorder.

Telling a skinny chick to eat MORE, is NO different than telling a bigger chick to STOP eating.

Before you find motivation, you need to STOP being rude and mind your own business.

Here’s the first step into finding motivation:

Lose weight for YOU.

Women tend to go on that diet to impress a man. They shouldn’t though.

Here’s a scenario:

Sharon has a stressful job working as an editor for Cosmopolitan magazine. In the past three months she has put on a good thirty-five pounds. Just recently, her boss hired a new staff writer, Kevin. Kevin and Sharon have been flirting occasionally during their lunch breaks. But because of Sharon’s recent weight gain, deep down she does not feel that Kevin finds her attractive on any level. She wants to share more than a couple gazes with him, so she starts going to the gym.

For the next two months, Sharon changes her diet and goes to the gym a few times a week. Within those next two months, a new staff writer is hired, Emily. Emily is tall, lean and gets to work with Kevin every day, side by side. After those two months, Sharon has lost a good twenty-five pounds. She feels great; she feels sexy. She wants Kevin to notice her. But sadly she sees that Kevin and Emily have been flirting non-stop and there’s a rumor going around that they slept together.

Sharon has worked SO hard to impress this man that probably was just looking for a booty call. Disappointed with the result, Sharon will stop going to the gym and probably gain all the weight (or more weight) that she just lost.

Don’t change for anyone else BUT yourself.

If someone liked you – for you – your size would not matter at all. He/she would always find you gorgeous.

If you go to the gym for yourself, you’ll more than likely stay committed.

At the end of the day, YOU need to appreciate who you are and what you see in the mirror. “Fuck Off” to any friend or especially boyfriend who comments on your weight. But seriously, if you don’t like the comments, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If not, be confident in yourself.

If someone should be happy with the way you look, it should be you.

If you are not happy, change something about that.


– Dahv

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