No Excuses, You’re Lazy!



Like any other writer (fictionist, lyricist, poet), I experience writer’s block on a daily – almost hourly – basis. Even though writer’s block is something I struggle with, I can’t help but wonder if its a legitimate excuse. I mean, how ridiculous does that sound? Oh sorry, boss, I’m diagnosed with that damn writer’s block again. I mean, seriously? How long does this “block” exactly last? Could someone have writer’s block for the rest of their life? Could their drive to create and tweak their work or portfolio actually come to a cease?

No. And if it does, they’re lazy. If you have something to contribute – whether it’s through verbal communication or merely writing it down – then don’t stop yourself. Waiting for the right moment to start a project or finish a project is borderline laziness in my opinion. If you have time to figure out when you’re going to do something, then you have the time to already be doing¬†something.

If you have a passion, then you shouldn’t let a day go by where you don’t think about it or work on it. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t draft out a few lines of verse or a character’s stream of¬†consciousness. Whatever it is you love (i.e. dance, music, writing, cooking), stick to it and give it attention! You wouldn’t ignore your significant other or mom, right? No, because you love them!

This hobby distracted you for a certain reason; take advantage of it before you’re distracted by something else.

– Dahv

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  • Like I always say the hardest part of working out is simply “showing up” …and the hardest part of getting started… is actually starting!