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Today, my parents are celebrating their 22 years of marriage! Having been brought up by a couple that continue to show love, affection and respect for each other after all these years, has and always will be an inspiration to me. As of now, I have been with the same guy for almost three years now; I can’t help but thank my parents for my successful relationship. For both my boyfriend and I, they have been amazing role models. Starting at the young age of ten, my parents were always honest and open about their own relationships (struggles or successes).

My parents consistent honesty really reflects on them as individual people and as a couple. As a person, being able to be honest – to the point where you’re teaching someone something – will bring you where you want to be (emotionally, mentally and physically) more than a majority of the time. If you’re unable to keep your story straight, express your thoughts, or take a risk through communication, you will attract the wrong type of people. If you do come across a positive influence (whether that’s a love interest, colleague, or friend) your falsity may shine through, giving others the wrong impression. You may be able to adapt to your deceitful ways, but not everyone can.

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad 🙂

– DaHv

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