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The Road [New Draft]


Children would congregate in circles, line up to do cartwheels and criss-cross along the path. The road curved, twisted like curls. Like fingers, it’d branch into five different directions. One bent towards the east like an elbow; another narrowed towards the north like a neck. The road was their stage. With each visit, roles would switch, dynamics would enter and depart from different...

Unfinished English Essay


10/15 It was down-pouring when he kissed me in the rain. We snuck through an “Employees Only” door across from Macy’s, next to the bathrooms, and exited through a door that opened only from the inside. He tucked our Barnes and Noble bag infront of the door before it closed, keeping it open. Wrapping his arms around my waist, he stepped forward, reclining me back as we kissed...