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Out of Context


Below is a free-write I did in my class yesterday. The assignment was to write in the perspective of someone you hated in high school. A lot of the people in my class were wondering why I hated this person. I wrote it in first person, so interpret the gender anyway you want. I’ll be interested in knowing who you think is talking. – Dahv I think she’s younger than me, I...

Big Taste; Small Servings


Your nerves are sunflower seeds. Each tick comes with a crunch, clearing of the throat, clenched jaw. You choke on the shells, spit them back as words. My nerves are chewing gum. The problems proceed with each piece, but I never mind undressing another issue. I keep the nerves alive, exhale into these lungs I call bubbles. Once they pop, I know I’ve said too much. I can’t imagine...