CategorySharks in the Shower

The Fool


He was a wannabe Bachelor with his concrete-floored, exposed brick studio apartment. As soon as I walked in all I could smell was day old burger grease. It smelled as if he took a trip to McDonald’s the night before and forgot to switch out the trash. He asked if the smell was noticeable after lighting a half-melted candle.  Our conversation echoed and laughter shimmied up to the ceiling...



Sushi served in styrofoam, Red wine filled solo cups; I felt too old, acting this young Laughing in a room where nothing got done. Bachelor pad in the making; The wall art was scarce. You spoke of past guests Like they were timeshares. Travel-sized soap on the vanity, No food or drinks in the fridge. Based on the texts you’ve sent, Growing up will never be your thing. The story you’ve...