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Act Two: Scenes 4 & 5


Scene Four  Hallway in academic building. Upstage there is a wall that consists of two doors. Erin walks out of the door on the far left. She seems discouraged, checks her phone and leans against the wall. Maggie walks on from stage left. MAGGIE. Erin. (Erin looks over) Did you just get out? ERIN. Yeah. (Looks at phone) There’s an hour before my next final. MAGGIE. Where’s your final? Erin points...

Act Two: Scenes 1 – 3


Scene One   Erin and Kay are sitting at a table having lunch. Kay seems distracted and bothered. ERIN. How was your weekend? KAY. Could have been better. (Sighs) A bit distracted. ERIN. Have you two – KAY. Nope. Pause ERIN. I bumped into her on my way over here. Saw Kelley too. They were together – KAY. Good for them. (Fake smiles) ERIN. If you want to talk, just know I’m here. Long pause. KAY...