AuthorDahv Daniels



Sushi served in styrofoam, Red wine filled solo cups; I felt too old, acting this young Laughing in a room where nothing got done. Bachelor pad in the making; The wall art was scarce. You spoke of past guests Like they were timeshares. Travel-sized soap on the vanity, No food or drinks in the fridge. Based on the texts you’ve sent, Growing up will never be your thing. The story you’ve...

Hard Candy


Lights low, no blur on the screen You took the red, I took the green I spent the afternoon eavesdropping my dreams If walls could speak, I think you’d know what I mean But you took the red, I took the green And I saw the world before you and me We let our drinks dilute to ice, ignored the time The world is dark without you and I You saw red in my cheeks, I saw green in your eyes My dreams were...