The Option


I must be your favorite drink

how often I’m on your lips.


You dream of me,

I go down smooth like bourbon.


You must be my favorite song

how often you’re on my mind.


I fall asleep thinking of you;

your beautiful melody rings through me like an opera house.


We are flexible, share each other like oxygen,

but come together as one.


We are flexible, pin back our priorities like legs,

just to keep the option open.


I’ve forgotten what it was like

when the option wasn’t there.


How taboo to not let you tease me;

I love being origami in your hands.


How strange to not fall for you;

you tip my body like a canoe.


I fell for you. Hard.

So hard, the bruises are now beauty marks.


You fell for me. Hard.

So hard, the cuts still won’t heal.


We fell. So hard.


I guess we deserve to be grounded.

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