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Doctor’s Note | Sharks in the Shower


Patient: Kindergarten Student Noted Behavior: Continues to dance after music has been turned off. Continues to act hysterical after the teacher asks her to sit back down. Duration of Behavior: This past month Diagnosis: Poor hearing skills Patient’s Explanation: I want people to laugh – I want them to think I am funny.   Patient: First Grade Student Noted Behavior: Occasionally pushes other...

Sharks in the Shower | “Friend”


Sharks in the Shower is an idea I’ve had for a while – since I graduated high school to be completely honest. Sharks in the Shower will be a collection of fiction pieces and verse that either categorize irrational fears, dreams, candid thoughts and so on. Think of it like a dream journal… I would love feedback and if you want more, let me know 🙂 – Dahv * * *...