It’s Funny

It’s funny how we recycle the things we love and never question their exhaustion. Like a pair of jeans or group of friends.
It’s funny how we write songs for those who are too shy to sing & fall for those who are too scared to catch.
It’s funny how the past has the best aftertaste but makes the worst dinner conversation.
It’s funny how we sin just to be free.
It’s funny how you think every conversation is an argument just because I have passion. Sometimes I want to scream how much I love you just to see if you think I am mad.
It’s funny how first impressions mean everything but we seem to forget them when it’s too late.
It’s funny how we are too lazy to solve today’s problems, but spend our whole lives remembering what we did, who we loved, and when we fucked up.
It’s funny how I am counting down the days until you stop coming to my mind.
It’s really funny how I’ll probably see you again before my memory crosses you off like a date or time.

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