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This morning at the gym, one of the TV’s played a show titled “Dating Naked.”

What the hell is “Dating Naked?” you might be asking yourself. I was definitely doing the same thing halfway through my work out. It merely is what it sounds; a man and woman are set up on a date, completely naked, and decide at the end if they want to see each other again.

That sounds plausible, yes?

If you want to be in a relationship with someone, you have to be open, secure and somewhat vulnerable; and there’s no better way to be vulnerable than to introduce yourself in your birthday suit (or lack thereof).

Why am I mentioning this TV show?

Well, lately I’ve been really confused by some of my female peers (i.e. friends on Facebook, friends at school, friends from the past, etc.).

I am not here to be on one side versus another. I am not here to bash women or men, even. This is my own personal opinion so take it or leave it.


Why is it okay to brag about how nice your tits or ass are BUT it’s not okay for a man at work or in class to check them out?

I am not saying wearing a push-up bra or a revealing top makes you a slut or a whore. I HATE that language. I am completely against it. You are NOT a slut or whore based on what you wear or even how you act (in my book).

But that doesn’t mean you are not being stubborn.

If you are wearing a revealing top, with your cleavage exposed, then why are you mad that someone notices?

If you don’t want someone to notice, cover up.

I’m not just fixating on men drooling over you; honey, if you have a nice ass and your cleavage is exposed, I WILL LOOK AT YOU.

This is not about the battle of the sexes here.

Today, when I went out, I was wearing a push-up bra.

Did men and women look at me?


Did it bother me?

No. Why should it?

Getting upset over someone noticing your figure is equivalent to starring in a play and being mad that everyone applauded.

This is how you choose to present yourself.

In any situation, we must plan how we want to present ourselves and dress our character.

When we are out with friends, we may dress down and look more casual.

When we are out with a significant other or on a first date, we will dress up.

If you are comfortable with your body, dress how you please!

If you are insecure about people looking at you, whether that’d be in a judgmental or flirtatious way, make a change.

It’s not a man’s fault that he is looking at you! If you are striking, if you have nice tits, a nice body, a beautiful face, who the hell wouldn’t look?

Yes – at the end of the day women and men are attracted to different things.

Men love fewer clothes on a woman; women love seeing men dressed to the nines.

We are fucking human, ladies & gentlemen!

You can go on and on about how some guy gawked over your ass, but if you weren’t even a little bit flattered; you’d be lying to yourself.

Here I am not referring to incidents where a person is harassing you or making you purposely feel uncomfortable. I am simply talking about casual, everyday interaction. Someone checks you out on the street, in a club, at work, with NO bad intention at all.

If you have no problem being in competition with your friends over whose body is nicer, than don’t be disgusted when someone notices your favorite asset.

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