This is an experimental piece from my poetry workshop class. Here I took bits of conversation I’ve had with a friend of mine (via Facebook, texting, in-person) and put in only my physical reactions, which are bolded.



What are you listening to?

Change the track

Last time I heard this, I was dancing for one of my friends.

Pauses track

I’m not showing you.

Track plays

I was stupid in high school. I told you this.




I heard “American Girl” last night and thought of you.

Puts on “American Girl”

You showed me this over the summer, yeah?

Nods. Opens up word program

What are you writing about tonight?


I really love the way your mind works.




I had a dream that you never wanted to see me again. We were sitting on my bed and you were yelling so loud. You were fucking yelling at me saying, “I know you like me, stop lying!” I was so scared to text you. But I love texting you when I wake up. Can we watch Family Guy tonight?


My favorite is when you find something really funny and your whole body goes into it and your eyes light up. You get this huge smile on your face.


After we say goodbye on Friday, I instantly look forward to seeing you on Monday. I’m really going to miss you over break. You’ve made me like Mondays.


I don’t know what I’m going to do when I go home for Christmas.




I was doing homework today and all those songs you showed me played in a row. Music is so important to me and I am more than happy that we share that.


You’re fucking wonderful, like holy shit.

Hugs tighter

Can we just stay like this for a little longer?

Sighs and smiles

You’re my best friend. If I am not with you, I miss you.

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