Caramel Cigarettes [Fifteenth Addition]


This is not as big as the last entry, but I think you will all enjoy this.

I won’t be uploading anything for a while after this.

There is so much more to come though.

– Dahv

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The next night, I went to Jacqueline’s place.

She answered the door wearing a pair of white sweatpants that stopped just below her knee. Still wearing my hoodie, she had it zipped up a little, just to her belly button. I glanced at her piercings that glittered her naval like sugar. She had on a pink sports bra; straps crossed in the front created a keyhole that exposed her cleavage. Her hair was tied back; sweat was along her hairline. In the light, her eyes had glints of blue and reminded me of sea glass.

“You’re here early.” She unzipped the hoodie and hung it on her bedpost. The sweatpants, drawstrings undone, hung low beneath her hipbones. I could see bits of pink lace emerge from the waistband. “I just got back from the gym.”

“I’m jealous of whoever saw you.” I closed the door behind me.

Giggling, Jacqueline pulled down her sweatpants, which puddled beneath her feet like whip cream. Towel wrapped around her chest, with one hand she inched down her thong. Back to me, she lowered the towel past her chest. “Can you unhook this?”

Sweat fled to my palms, an ocean expanding on the shore. My fingers quivered with the plastic hook.

“You can pull the straps down.” Her voice was small and sexy, cracking at all the right places.

“Is that all I can pull down?” I asked, lightly tugging on the straps. The bra shimmied down her torso and topped the sweatpants and thong on the floor.

Holding up her towel with one hand, she removed the hair tie. Her blonde locks curled atop her shoulders, some fell over her face. I wanted her hair veiling my face. Imagining my nose in her curls, I could smell the strawberry. My denim packed heat, thinking of her on me. She kissed me on the cheek and left with her shower caddy and change of clothes.

Pinching the shoulders like a clothespin, I held the hoodie up. Thin blonde strands curled the cuffs. I slipped on the sweatshirt; the sleeves were still warm. The body of the sweatshirt was cool, patched with her sweat.

“I can wash that for you.”

The door clicked closed.

Jacqueline was wearing a white shirt. Her tits topped her torso: two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Wet and down, strands of hair stuck to her cheek like honey. Her pink boxers outlined the crack of her ass when she bent down, putting away her laundry.

I took off my sweatshirt. “It’s mine though. I can wash it.” A strawberry waft rose from the hood.

Water from her hair, drizzled down her chin, coursed down her chest. The shirt: now see-through. Her nipples were hard.

She stepped to me. Her tits bounced as she walked. “I feel bad though.” Holding the sweatshirt, she looked at me. Her eyes lightened; sun hitting off of sea glass. “I worked out and then put it on.”

“So?” Hand under her shirt, I touched her piercings. “It smells like you now.” I tucked two fingers into her boxers. She didn’t stop me. Kissing her, I slipped my fingers into her thong. Her lips pressed harder against mine as I touched her clit. Lingering further down, I could feel how wet she was.

Lying beside me, her boxers and thong had been pushed down mid-thigh. I continued to touch her, rubbing in a circular motion. Jacqueline kissed me and let her hands fumble beneath my shirt. Her touch was cold at first, but as they warmed up, I got more and more wet. She opened her legs slightly, showing me she wanted more. I knew she wanted more. At her opening, my middle finger teased her until finally going in –

“Kelly.” She grabbed my wrist.

We made eye contact. Her face glowed. Her eyes were sea glass. She let go of my wrist and thrust her crotch upwards. She then bent her knees. Her thighs quivered.

“You nervous?” I touched her thigh, which continued to shake.

She nodded and lay on her side. I lay on my side. We were now facing each other. She had kicked her boxers and thong off. My shirt was off; bra straps were loose.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, Jac.” I kissed her and gently pushed her back. Straddling her, I lifted her shirt up. Goose bumps broke out on her abdomen like hives. She sat up and took off her shirt. Her tits, plump and perky, were bare. She was completely naked. My heart hurdled to my throat and fluttered fast. I pressed my nose against hers and we breathed heavily into each other. She kissed me and all I could say was, “whoa.”

Lying on my stomach, pants and bra on the floor, I hooked my elbows around her thighs. Jacqueline reached down and grabbed my hand.

I kissed her inner thigh. Licking my lips, I looked at her. Her eyes were hazy: fog over the sea. Her mouth was open; goose bumps decorated her legs. Eyes closed, I licked her gently. Her grasp on my hand loosened, so I increased my speed. My tongue spiraled down her clit and circled her opening. I startled her, pushing the tip of my tongue inside of her. Eyes opened, I glanced at Jacqueline. Her head was cocked back all the way; nails dug into the bedpost. I felt her thighs tighten as she moaned. Her taste, so sweet, was in my mouth. From my mouth, it dribbled down my chin and mixed with her juices that wet her comforter.

She suddenly sat up and pulled me towards her. Her breath was heavy. She couldn’t speak. Her lips synched the words “oh my God” as her eyes rolled up. I kissed her. When we parted, her wetness strung between our lips. Breaking in half, the string landed on her chest. My tongue’s tip zigzagged through the wet string and stopped at her nipple. I felt her fingers fold into my thong and rub against my clit. Feeling how wet I was, she moaned. My fingers prowled her legs, danced through the wet patches within her inner thigh. As she slowly fingered me, she stopped my hand.

We looked at each other. She bit down on her lip and let her jaw hang open. She increased her speed. I got more and more wet. With our noses pressed, we breathed into each other. Knees bent, my thighs quivered. Everything felt so warm and wet, so wet I could hear it. As she touched me, her eyes and mouth widened, her tits bounced lightly, with her thighs opening and closing, I could see her get more and more excited. I wanted to feel her in my mouth, wanted to toy with her taste one more time. I could feel wetness run down my thighs. “Kelly,” she slowed down and soon stopped. Her fingers frisked my thighs and were now more wet. Staring into my eyes, she put her pointer and middle finger in her mouth and sucked off my taste. I thought of Nicky sucking chocolate off of her fingers. But when I saw Jacqueline’s eyes roll back, I knew this was something different. Kissing her, our tongues met, trading tastes. She hugged me. Chest to chest, I could feel her heart beat.

After kissing me one more time, all she could say was, “whoa.”


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