Caramel Cigarettes [Third Addition]


I apologize for such a short exerpt. There will be more soon – I promise.

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For the remainder of the night, Nicky kept slipping twenty dollar bills into my back pocket. As her pointer and middle finger slid into my denim’s cavity, the touch so warm, I never wanted somebody to grab my ass so bad. I thought back to how nonchalantly she wiped chocolate off of my face, and was sure pinching my pocket would be no different.

“Trust me, I got it.” I handed her the money back for the third time.

“Yeah. But I wanted to take you out.” She folded the bill before shoving it into her purse.

“Was it like a date then?” My mouth grew dry; my fists clenched: sweat brewed in my palms’ lifeline.

“Aww.” She grabbed my left fist and pulled back my fingers one by one. “I guess it was.” Her hand was now in mine. She didn’t mind the sweat. I smiled as our arms swung back and forth. “I’m really happy I met you.” She tugged down on her shorts.

“Really?” I asked, looking over at her.

Her hair, now down, was curlier. The left side was tousled and looked like it had been thrown over to the right, bridging over her part. I was certain this was her sex hair. We didn’t fuck, but it was like we did. 

Nicky drove us to a park a few minutes away from campus. We walked down a dirt path that was shaded by parallel aisles of oak trees. Approaching the path, Nicky pulled her hair back. The misplaced strand was pushed back, covering her part. Her sunglasses dangled from the collar of her tank top.

“Keep your hair down,” I said to myself as I burrowed my hands into my pockets.

“What’s that, Kell?” She jogged to my side. Her pony tail tapped the nape of her neck; her sunglasses clattered like chattering teeth. She stopped jogging and put her glasses on.

I reached over and pulled them off of her and walked past her.

“Hey you, bitch,” she yelled, increasing her walking speed.

My walk transformed into a run. I looked over my shoulder and saw Nicky run towards me. The rim of her tank shimmied down the depths of her cleavage as the left strap slid down her shoulder. I looked forward and smiled. I suddenly felt her fingers pinch my waist, but I kept running. She then dug her fingers into the waistline of my jeans. Her nails pressed against my lower back. I abruptly stopped and I felt her chest ram into my shoulder blades. Her fingers were still snug in my denim. 

“Ah, fuck, Kelly.” Nicky nestled her cheek onto my shoulder. I could feel her breath on the nape of my neck. I could smell lemon grass.

“Sorry.” I turned towards her. My pants were finger-free.

She grabbed the sunglasses out of my hands. “I’m fucking exhausted now.” She put them on. 

“I’m sorry.” I stepped closer to her, in between her legs. Our thighs were now touching. I licked my lips.

Nicky balanced her sunglasses on her forehead. She shifted her eyes down. I bit down on my bottom lip before shifting my eyes down. I stared at her lip ring and wondered what it’d be like to bite down on her bottom lip. I wanted to feel the cool metal in my mouth, against my two front teeth.

“Your lip ring is really hot.” I looked up to find her eyes, which were still looking down. I tilted her head back. We made eye contact. “You hear me?”

She stepped back and walked towards the car. “It’s getting late,” she yelled. 

Cool sensations pulsed down my arm and streamed through my veins. I felt a veil of goosebumps breakout down my back. I followed her, but let her walk ahead. 

We didn’t speak the whole car ride back to campus. She kept her music on low. I crossed my legs and looked out the window. 


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