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Life is a song.

The chorus is you.

I come back to you two, three, four times;

we sound good together.

Life is a song.

Every Monday is expressed in the first line.

The staircases, hallways, trains and cars I have been in, near or on

are between the lyrics, leading me to the next place or time.

The two lines before you

are friends (best friends, old friends, new friends).

These lines change, because friends are allowed to leave.

Except you – for you are the chorus.

You have until the song ends today

to breakup with me.

Every last chorus can

take out two lines, add in a new pace (face).

It’s so easy to love another song.

Songs on the radio are templates to our lives.

You could meet someone new.

I could run off with him.

She could fall for you.

Other songs are familiar,

not catchy.

Life is a song

that has no other choice

but to repeat.


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