Below is an acrostic poem, using the whole alphabet. I haven’t written one of these in a while. I don’t use proper capitalization for a stylistic reason.

Please Enjoy,




an angel fell from the sky today.

broke her collarbone,

cut her wrists,

dinged her head off the sharp

edge of a stop sign.

five strangers

gathered around the angel.

her eyes remained closed, the

indentation above her right ear:

jagged, deep, (the

kind of cut that

looks like the grand canyon).

Mary, one of the strangers,

nudged the boy beside her,

Owen, who had his

phone in hand, ready to take a picture.

Quinn, another stranger who wore

reading glasses,

slipped his arm beneath the angel’s head and back,

trying to pick her up. the remaining strangers

uploaded different social medias. Quinn,

vigorous and tan, had

wind blowing in his hair, which grew streaks of


(yellow). With the angel in his arms, Quinn jumped and

zigzagged towards the sky and was never seen again.


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