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I could careless if I get blood draw.

Knock my knees all you want, I know my reflexes are decent.

The one thing I cannot stand during a physical check-up, is when they ask me to get on the scale.

Alright, let’s be honest here. The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning (before you eat anything). The best way to weigh yourself is naked (clothes put on weight).

When you go to the doctor’s usually it’s midday – so you’ve probably had breakfast or lunch – and of course you’re wearing a full outfit, which includes shoes. Does the doctor really trust what the scale says?

I understand that each person’s weight tends to fluctuate within three pounds. I get that. But let’s say on that day I happen to have my doctor’s appointment, my weight has shifted to that added three pound spectrum; when I step on the scale at 2PM that day (after eating breakfast AND lunch) and with my shoes on, my weight will be WAY more than just three pounds over my average. That’s bull shit. I’m sorry! Does the doctor take into account that I’ve probably eaten something? Probably not.

Literally, I have to almost starve myself before my doctor’s appointment just so I am pleased with what the scale says! That’s ridiculous. Why can’t we weigh ourselves and send them the results?

I don’t care what you look like, or what your weight is, one of the biggest insecurities of a woman is her weight. If you’re a woman and you are not worried about your weight or have not altered your diet at least once, you’re lying.

I am perfectly happy with that way I look. I make exercising three times a week a HUGE priority. You want to know why? Well, who doesn’t have the fear of waking up and your jeans don’t fit? Who has gone through that? Probably almost all of us! I know it has happened to me.

Here we are trying to look the best we can, according to our personal standards, and we have to step on a scale once in a while that says we are five to ten pounds over our actual weight.

You could have it going on (small waist, nice set of hips, flat stomach, long legs, athletic build) and that one number could ruin your day.

You could be on a diet right now and you KNOW you’ve lost weight (you just went down two jean sizes); stepping on that scale could completely kill your motivation.

It’s bull shit. I fuckin’ hate the doctor’s.

– Dahv

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