“Available,” my ass…


We live in a generation where everyone has their cellphone attached to their hip. If they don’t have their phone handy, they must be near a laptop or television that has access to the internet; the internet, which leaves us with an infinite amount of ways to communicate with one another. We have quite an advantage don’t we?

Well then, why are some of us not using it?

It seems that although we have access to all types of technology, we are almost TOO lazy to use something right before our eyes. Back in the day, “texting” didn’t exist. Have any of you ever realized how amazing of an invention texting is?! Let’s say you hate talking on the phone, forget about that fear, you can use your phone with just your thumbs and type what you want to say. The recipient will receive it instantly! Your friend doesn’t have texting?! Not to worry, because there is Facebook. Not only can you write on their wall, but you can private message them. HEY! Oh my goodness – they are online?! Then why don’t you instant message them?! WHOA. Oh my GOD! How amazing.

It’s amazing yet, I am beginning to get annoyed with this generation. Sometimes I miss the days of waiting for the phone – that was attached to the wall – to ring. If someone was planning to call you, and they didn’t, then fine, they didn’t call you.

That doesn’t happen today.

Let’s say your friend Sally says she’s going to call you at seven. You go onto Facebook at 6:50; Sally is online. She is facebook-active. She is commenting on photos or statuses. The time is now 7pm. She is still online. She is not calling you. She is not texting you. She is not even messaging you to tell you that she is “busy.” What’s worse, in my opinion, is when you text someone something really personal/deep – it’s been a few hours and they still haven’t texted back. In the back of your head you justify their laziness: “Oh she’s probably at work,” “her phone must be dead.” Few moments later, your friend is online. And she’s not talking to you. But she’s talking to everyone else. Let’s be honest, that hurts. We have all these different choices to communicate with one another, and we take advantage of it. It’s like some of us are living in the past.

No one can lie anymore either! You can lie to your friend about why you aren’t going to her birthday party, and say it’s because you need to help your mom “clean the house.” Oops! Someone tagged you in a photo, it’s dated the date of your friend’s party, it looks like you’re NOT cleaning or with anyone from your family.

Stop making excuses. I don’t mean to sound like a nag; but how dumb do you think the person you are avoiding is? If someone rubbed you the wrong way during your last Facebook chat session, tell them. HEY! You can tell them in almost ten different ways: via text, via Facebook, via skype, via email, via twitter, etc. Stop hiding behind your computer screen. Don’t just sign off or walk away when YOU think the conversation has ended. If you want the conversation to end, say it: “Hey, I gotta go!” If you just up and leave, you’re going to give that person the wrong impression.

How about this? Take a risk. Pick up the phone and CALL them.

Remember what that’s like?

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