April | 2 | Mrs. Tossi



Mrs. Tossi


The Bunsen burner blazed

A blue flame dyed orange.

Hair tied back,

Ring in back pocket,

I rolled up my sleeves.


April’s hair was blonde

And draped her shoulders.

Perfume: lemongrass.

Voice: raspy.

Ears: insulated with buds.


She chewed a naked lollipop stock.

She wore a long-sleeved button-down:

There was a test today.

A temporary tat –

Avogadro’s number –

In light green ink

Scaled April’s arm.


She removed buds from ears

And stick from mouth.

Blank lab report on desk,

She fumbled for green goggles.

Her lab partner, aproned,

Held a graduated cylinder.

The sink ran.

April never asked –

She left with her goggles on.


Class ended early;

Even teachers need to smoke.

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