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Hey Guys!

I hope that everyone had a lovely holiday and is enjoying the nice weather. Just wanted to give you a quick update – I submitted my piece “I’m So Glad” to a contest sponsored by the New Hampshire Writer’s Project. At the end of the month, I’ll know whether or not my piece was accepted or not, so we will see!

Things at Old Navy are going well. I signed someone up for an Old Navy Credit Card today, which was wicked exciting. Since I’ve been working at Old Navy, I’ve began to notice how quickly people’s face expressions and voices change when they know there is a sale going on. For example – this past week has been “Stuff N’ Save.” So pretty much, if you have a credit card from either Old Navy, The Gap, or Banana Republic, you can save 30% off of your whole purchase. Although there are signs and banners all over the store promoting this event, not many customers know this sale is going on; *ahem* none of the customers know this. It gets me every time when I greet a customer, who wants absolutely nothing to do with me, and how much they evolve when I mention “stuff n’ save.” One woman literally gave me the stink eye and strut right past me when I first acknowledged her; but as soon as I said, “Hey if you have an Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic Card, you can save 30%” she smiled and called me “sweetie.”

Damn. People go nuts for these sales let me tell ya.

This is going to sound like the biggest cliche but, I’m planning to start a novel. The first time I ever wrote a “novel,” I was roughly twelve years old and the story turned out to be 100 pages. The last time I made plans to write a novel, I never finished it. This is going to sound wicked lame, but I want to write a love story. The last, and also, first time I wrote a love story I had NO idea what it was like to fall in love. I’m thinking that now that I’m technically an adult and I’ve been in the same relationship for almost four years, I might know what I’m doing…

But we’ll see.

I know this sounds like the bigest joke. There is always that concept of the aspiring novelist who NEVER actually finishes anything he/she starts. For example, one of my favorite characters on Family Guy, Brian Griffin, not only is he a talking dog, but he is an aspiring novelist. My second favorite character from the cartoon, Stewie, always rags on Brian because he never writes the “novel.” I laugh at this little skit because in a way, I can almost relate to it. The things I REALLY want to write, never come out. The pieces I post on here are literally spontaneous. I just sit here (or there) and BAM, something awesome or mediocre is somehow successfully typed on the screen or scribbled in a notepad. I feel like any artist can relate to this. We all have these awesome ideas that probably keep us up at night, but – for me especially – the ideas that last the longest and never end up on the page are the ones I am too scared to write. I have this fear that once it’s written, it will sound awful. Whatever I imagined will never get on the page; it will never be imagined by anyone else.

But screw it, I’m ready to take a risk.

– Dahv


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