Friendzone? Get Over It!


One thing that I’ve always been tired of hearing is people – guys in general – complaining about being in the friendzone.
I’m sorry, but whose fault is that?

Come on. Let’s be honest. Take some responsibility. The girl will know that you are interested ONLY when you make it obvious. Most guys despise being given hints – they want to be told what’s going on upfront.

When was there suddenly a double standard for this? If I’m a girl in a relationship with a horrible guy, let’s say, and I have another guy friend saying things like: “You deserve someone better.” I am NOT going to instantly think that that guy friend is into me. SHOW the girl that you are interested. You don’t like hints and neither do we! Also, don’t do the disrespectful move of trying to break her and her boyfriend up. It will damage your friendship and potential relationship. Stay out of her business. If she wants to talk to you, let her talk.

Just because you are probably everything she would want in a boyfriend, doesn’t mean she sees that when she looks at you. If from the get-go you spoke to her as a “friend,” and hung out with her as “friends;” I’m sorry buddy, but you guys are “friends.”

Take some responsibility here. The girl is NOT blind. She is just distracted by other men who have the confidence to give her the attention you fantasize about giving her.

You really want to impress this chick? Ask her out to prom when she is SINGLE, give her the night of her life and accidentally kiss her.
Has prom already passed? Alright, then write her a song. That’s how my boyfriend opened up to me. A month before he asked me out and we first kissed, he wrote a song about me and about how much he wanted to be with me. Whipped, much? You might say…but I’m sorry, what girl doesn’t want a boy who is obviously madly in love with her? Stop being the better and macho man who is apparently better than the guy she is with now; stop being all talk, and do something to SHOW her you’re interested.

The longer you wait, the more she will see you as a friend, or better yet, best friend, and even worse: “brother.”

As for girls who think they are in the friendzone, if the guy wants to be with you, he will make sure that happens. Don’t wait around for a guy who doesn’t see you as potential girlfriend material. If the “right” guy had the balls to show you he was into you, this friendzone concept wouldn’t exist.

– Dahv

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