Secondhand Sexuality


I’m going to be short and sweet with this: Don’t Be A Home wrecker.

Look, I’m sorry that he doesn’t find you attractive, or you don’t get why he’s with her; but if a couple is content and in-love, let them be. I understand that some guys joke with each other and try to one-up each other. I totally get that. But I’ve noticed that both sexes in general are a part of this.

Girls are trying to take girls away from their boyfriends, guys are trying to take guys away from their girlfriends. I’m sorry but that is not cool. I don’t care who you are and who you are attracted to, when someone is happy – leave them alone. If someone is attracted to the opposite sex, they are attracted to the opposite sex. Same for people who are attracted to the same-sex. These people’s preferences are not going to change. I understand that some people out there say they are bisexual – meaning they are attracted to both sexes. Either way – no matter what your sexual preference is – if you are happy with who you are, stay happy and be with them. If you are jealous or interested in someone else who is taken, leave them alone. If it’s not meant to be, it’s not meant to be. If this person really felt the same way about you, they would make that extra effort and spend time with you. Don’t think you can change someone’s mind just because you think you are better than the person they are already with. Let your friend/potential lover make that decision on their own. If she/he does leave his/her significant other, do not expect him/her to come running to you.

Be sweet and considerate to everyone you meet. I know that love is a strong feeling; I’ve been sharing this feeling with the same guy for almost four years now.

Love does NOT conquer ALL, especially those who are already TAKEN and HAPPY.

– Dahv


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  • You are so right on the point with this Dahv…I have seen this happen many times in my life ,,,Its mean and not very cool at all..Some people just need to try to get what another has ,,,normally it never works out and the person left behind moves on after suffering a broken heart ,,,sadly the person who was lured away ,,,well, they want the relationship back ,,,too late,,

  • Exactly!! My thoughts exactly. If people are happy, let them be. It’s all about basic respect. I understand if a guy is into a girl and let’s say, she’s in an abusive relationship…she shouldn’t be in the predicament anyway!! But if she/he is happy, don’t cross the line.