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Today I am going to write about something I noticed last night that really bothered me. I usually do not rant that often – especially on here – but I think that this is something that should be discussed.

Let’s talk about labels. Giving someone a label is a blunt yet, efficient way to stereotype a person. Certain labels are given based off of how a person dresses, talks, thinks or acts. Everyone has the right to observe one another, but I think it is wrong to stereotype or merely label someone; this action comes across as pure judgement. I do not judge others; I give everyone a chance. As long as they respect me, I will respect them. Expanding more on stereotypes, I was raised Jewish and I celebrate Hanukkah and Passover every year. The two biggest stereotypes associated with Jews are that they are greedy and have big noses. If you cannot respect someone because of their religion or race – without getting to really know them – there is something wrong with you. I understand that your opinion on someone’s background may be based off of how you are raised, but as of now, we live in a country where the president is colored. This is the epitome of equality. Of course there are still problems (i.e. conflict over gay marriage), but if you want to obtain any type of respect from others, you should show them the same amount of appreciation and respect they show you.

Now, to move on  to the thing that bothered me last night. Before I went to bed last night, I was reading through my news feed on Facebook and I came across a heap of comments on a status. I was hoping that this person was being sarcastic, but sadly he was not. He was talking about how badly he wanted a girlfriend. One of his friends commented on how this person was bisexual. The boy replied by saying that he told a few girls that he was bi, and now they were all texting him. I know this boy personally, and he is NOT bisexual. He just recently got out of a one year long heterosexual relationship.

Here is my question: why would you lie about something like this?

This is not a boy who is afraid to come out of the closet, so he tells his buddies that he is straight. This is a straight boy who is lying about his sexuality so that girls will like him. I never thought I would ever come across something like this. My first semester in college I wrote a paper arguing whether or not bisexuality existed: “Bi-ing Attention.” Near the end of the paper, I elaborate on the label, “Facebook Lesbians.” “Facebook Lesbians” are straight girls who are comfortable with making-out with their best friend at a party to attract men, but they would never get intimate with another woman. This is a similar situation yet, these girls are not usually telling these guys that they’re lesbians, while this boy is breaking the ice with his sexuality.

Now I wonder what this boy’s next step is. What if one these girls he was texting asks him about his past experience? I understand the whole concept of lying to a girl about where you work or where you live, but this boy is a high school student that is looking for a honest relationship. It is ridiculous how some people resort to lying about their sexuality in order to get attention. Sexuality can be a sensitive topic especially recently with the whole Gay Marriage epidemic. A lot of people struggle with being honest about their sexual preference. Just a couple days ago, allegedly, Raven Symone came out of the closet after years of keeping it to herself! Whether it is a rumor or not, it is a personal matter and should not be joked about as an advantage for someone else.

I know that this boy is probably just looking for attention, but I do not think it was an appropriate status to post on Facebook. At this point I feel that pickup lines are more attractive than using a phony sexuality – ahem – label.

– Dahv


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