Summer Break: Week Two


Hey Guys:

It’s the middle of my second week on break and I just got back from the gym. If you guys could have guessed – if you are friends with me on facebook – working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is really important to me. I wrote my final English paper on the effects of working out in contrast with solely eating healthy:¬† I’ll be going to the gym tomorrow morning as well, and I’ll probably do some upper body work over the weekend.

Today I work again at Old Navy. This is my third time this week working. They called me in on Monday and that was just ridiculous. I was scheduled to work on the sales floor and they had me as a backup cashier. I was there for maybe ten minutes, and one of the cashiers had to go on break for an hour. Within that hour I had roughly twenty returns out of the thirty transactions. At one point, I dropped my name tag and banged my leg against the counter. Fortunately, a majority of the customers had a good sense of humor and were patient when I was attempting to get my boundaries straight. Other than that, it was a good four hour shift and I’m happy that I’ll get an extra thirty to forty dollars added to my pay check.

As you all know, I finished and uploaded my play, “The Library.” My playwriting teacher from last semester contacted me and asked me to send him a copy! I definitely still consider the play a first draft, so hopefully within the next week, I will hear back from him and give you all a new draft on the blog.

Expect some new pieces soon – possibly a satirical prose piece and of course some new poetry!

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– Dahv

“I think a lot of people these days are bitches
I also think that emo and emotional are different”

– Mac Lethal


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