Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day:

I hope that everyone shows how much they appreciate and love his or her mother today. I hope that everyone has a strong relationship with his or her mother that’s similar to the one I have with mine.

Not only do my mother and I look like sisters, but I consider her to be one of my best friends. My mother has dealt with a lot of change within the past eighteen years of my life. Whether it was driving me to dance rehearsal, waiting backstage for me at a concert or listening to a reading of mine – she has always been there for me. After any performance of mine, she always provided me with the two best reinforcers: support and constructive criticism. Not only has she continued to love and cherish our relationship, but she has gone above and beyond when it comes to supporting my relationship with my boyfriend, which has now gone on for almost four years! She helped him keep his grade point average up all through high school, and she has generously  let him live in our home. He is now considered family; she treats him like a son. Not many daughters can say that their mother’s would be eager to take care of their boyfriends, and that is why I am grateful to say that my mother has not only respected my relationship, but respects my boyfriend solely as a person.

My mother has always been such an inspiration to me. She maintains a healthy life style – eats well, exercises daily – and has motivated me to do the same. One complaint I hear the most from my friends is that, it is hard for them to communicate with their parents: their moms especially. Ever since I was young, I have been comfortable with talking to my mother about anything: accomplishments or conflicts. I feel like my current maturity level has a lot to do with how often my mom and I would communicate during my childhood.

I only hope that when I have children years from now, my mother’s wonderful qualities will rub off on me. If I have a daughter, I hope our relationship will be similar to the one my mother and I share.

To any of you who are reading this – be sure to show your mother that you love her.

It is never too late to show someone how much you appreciate them.

– Dahv

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  • Thank YOU baby!!!! I love you!!!! You are and always will be my most precious gift! I’m very proud of you!! xxoo