Act Two: Scenes 4 & 5


Scene Four

 Hallway in academic building. Upstage there is a wall that consists of two doors. Erin walks out of the door on the far left. She seems discouraged, checks her phone and leans against the wall. Maggie walks on from stage left.

MAGGIE. Erin. (Erin looks over) Did you just get out?

ERIN. Yeah. (Looks at phone) There’s an hour before my next final.

MAGGIE. Where’s your final?

Erin points to the door on the far right. Maggie peaks in and then walks towards Erin.

MAGGIE. Kay and Kelley are in there. (Stands beside Erin) They’re sitting next to each other. (Clears throat)

ERIN. Yeah. They know each other. (Types on phone) Friends sit next to each other.

MAGGIE. Friends –?

Kay and Kelley walk out of the classroom. Kay has a pencil behind her ear and Kelley has her backpack. Kelley opens up her backpack and takes out a water bottle and hands it to Kay. Kay turns around.

KAY. Erin! (Waves and walks over) How was your final? (Kelley follows her)

ERIN. (Shrugs shoulders) Eh. I need at least a seventy to keep an A in the class. So. How was your final?

KAY & KELLEY. Easy as fuck.

Kay and Kelley look at each other. Pause. Laugh. Maggie shakes her head, looks away, wraps her arms around her waist and then walks offstage.

KAY. She probably has the stomach flu again. (Kay and Erin laugh)

KELLEY. Did she seriously just leave?

KAY. (Sniffs underarms) Do I smell that bad? Damn. Wish she at least told me!

Kelley punches Kay’s arm and laughs.

KELLEY. Shut up! You always smell like you just left a spa.

Erin glares at Kelley.

KAY. Oh, hush! (Laughs)

ERIN. (Lowers voice) So. You guys done with –?

KAY. Oh yes.

KELLEY. (Nods head) It wasn’t meant to be.

KAY. (Pretends to be upset) It just…wasn’t working out.

KELLEY. It wasn’t us. It was –

KELLEY & KAY. Her. (Laughs)

ERIN. Seems like you two choreographed a lovely breakup.

KAY. (Sarcastic) Actually, Maggie prepared the whole occasion!

KELLEY. She uh…she wrote and produced the show. She uh –

KAY. She just needed a cast!

KELLEY. (Laughs) It’s never smart to sleep with your cast.

KAY. You shouldn’t even think about sleeping with one of your actors.

Kelley and Kay laugh.

KELLEY. I’m gonna go get some coffee, but I’ll text you when I get out of my next final. (Pats Kay’s back and walks off stage)

KAY. See ya! (Smiles)

ERIN. You two are ridiculous.

KAY. Can’t help it. (Stops smiling) We are happy. We are free –

ERIN. Free of what? (Laughs) You could have controlled her.

KAY. (Sarcastic) Oh, okay then. That’s a pretty low expectation. (Pause) I’d like to see you try –

ERIN. Maggie and I are already friends!

KAY. Yeah! Friends! That must be awesome.

ERIN. You could have had that with her –

KAY. No I couldn’t have! (Pause) I can’t maintain a friendship by myself. I can’t keep a friendship going with someone who wants more. (Puts hands in pockets) Ever heard of the saying…girls and boys can’t be friends? Well that applies to same sexes too. Straight girls and lesbians cannot be friends. Well, apparently I can’t be friends with lesbians.

ERIN. She’s not a lesbian! She’s bi –

KAY. I’m going by actions, Erin, not labels! (Whispers) If you were at the library that night…

ERIN. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding.

Kay grabs Erin and puts her against the wall. She gets really close to her.

KAY. Does this feel like a misunderstanding? (Steps away)

ERIN. (Stays against the wall and breathes heavily) Must be you. I met Maggie around the same time you did. She’s never treated me that way. (Pause) Must be your swag.

KAY. My what?

ERIN. Swag.

KAY. My swag? (Leans against wall, one foot against wall, hands in pockets) What the hell is that?

ERIN. (Steps away from wall) This. (Points to Kay) Normal people don’t stand like that.

KAY. I don’t understand. (Pause) Is swag another sexuality?

ERIN. (Laughs) No! It’s your image, your confidence, your…your Kay-ness.

KAY. Kay-ness? (Steps away) Is there a Swag dictionary? I may need to take notes.

ERIN. Have you ever noticed that whenever you walk into a room, everyone looks at you? Sometimes people whisper “swag” as you walk by.

KAY. This is ridiculous.

ERIN. It’s you though! You have swag.

KAY. So because I have swag, and you don’t, girls like me?

ERIN. (Shrugs shoulders) Sure. (Laughs) Kay, you’re gonna need to tone down your swag.

KAY. So I should tone down on my Kay-ness? (Laughs)

ERIN. I guess so. (Pause) Please don’t. I love you for your swag.

KAY. (Steps back) Ehh! Erin. Stop coming onto me! (Laughs)

ERIN. Calm down! (Pulls Kay in for a hug and kisses her on the cheek. Kay playfully screams)

Lights fade.

Black out.


Scene Five


Kay is standing in the hallway. She is leaning against the wall checking her cellphone. She laughs occasionally and smiles. Maggie walks onstage. She walks past Kay; Kay doesn’t notice her. She looks back and seems discouraged. She walks by again and then stops.

MAGGIE. Michaela.

KAY. (Looks up) Margaret.

MAGGIE. (Turns around and looks at Kay) Can-can we talk?

KAY. I’mma be busy in a bit, so –

MAGGIE. Is that a no?

Long pause.

MAGGIE. Will you let me make it up to you?

KAY. (Sighs) It’ll take a lot.

MAGGIE. I’ll do anything.

KAY. (Puts phone away) Anything? Come on, Mag. That’s crazy –

MAGGIE. Anything! I-I can’t lose you.

KAY. You lost me.

MAGGIE. (Starts to cry) No. No. Kay, please –

KAY. What Maggie? I don’t know what you want me to say. I said everything in that message. Did you listen to it?

MAGGIE. Barely. (Wipes eyes) Why didn’t you tell me in person?

KAY. Why didn’t you call me back?

MAGGIE. You told me not to –

KAY. You could have said something to me in person the next day!

MAGGIE. We are talking now. (Cries again)

KAY. Say something, Maggie. (Pause) I’m listening.

MAGGIE. I know. You’d always listen to me. You’re my best friend –

KAY. I was your best friend. (Pause) I-I don’t understand you, Maggie. I was there for you through your breakup. I took you out to dinner your birthday weekend cause I felt so shitty about missing your party. I-I helped you with your homework. I paid for your dinner at least once a week. I –

MAGGIE. You were the best friend anyone could ask for!

KAY. But you were asking for so much more weren’t you?

Maggie walks towards Kay with her arms open as she is crying. Kay steps back.

KAY. I gave you enough. I’ve given you time to make it up to me. And you’re still expecting more from me –

MAGGIE. (Yells) I just want to be your friend! I want to hang out with you again. I-I want to talk about anything with you: sex, homework, Family Guy! I need a best friend, Kay. I need you.

KAY. You need a friend, Maggie? (Shakes head) How long are you going to sugar coat this?

MAGGIE. Kay…no. No. (Walks away) I’m sorry things got weird after Kyle –

KAY. Don’t you mean, Kelley?

Maggie turns around and stares at Kay. She starts to cry again.

MAGGIE. Wow. (Rubs nose against sleeve) You two are friends now, huh? (Coughs) Let me guess, she bitches about me –?

KAY. Don’t worry. She doesn’t even know you exist.

Long pause. Maggie starts to walk offstage and then walks back to Kay.

MAGGIE. Oh I almost forgot. (Takes out a pack of gum) Thought I could bribe you with this. (Throws gum at Kay) I always hated strawberry banana. (Walks offstage)

Kay leans down and picks up the pack. She takes out a piece and chews it. Kelley comes out of one of the classrooms.

KAY. Kelley! (Walks over to Kelley and hugs her) Wanted to say goodbye before I left! (Releases hug)

KELLEY. (Sad) Oh no! You’re leaving? (Hugs Kay again) No, no, no!

KAY. (Laughs) It’s okay! I’ll see you in three weeks.

KELLEY. Way too long! (Releases hug) Let’s please hang out over break?

KAY. Just hit me up. (Smiles)

KELLEY. (Checks phone) I have an hour before my next final, want me to help you pack?

KAY. Nah. I’m all set! My car’s all packed.

KELLEY. Want me to walk you to your car?

KAY. You don’t have to, Kell. I gotta find Erin –

Erin walks onstage and comes up behind Kay. She puts her hands over Kay’s eyes.

ERIN. Guess who!

KAY. (Grabs Erin’s wrists) I hope it’s Erin!

ERIN. (Drops hands) You are such a pro! You’re a pro at guess who, you’re an Olympic shitter –

KELLEY. Wow. What?

Erin and Kay laugh.

KAY. Alright. Well I’m heading out! (Hugs Erin) But we should try to get together over break.

ERIN. That would be wonderful.

KELLEY. I’d love that. (Smiles)

ERIN. Drive safely! Text me when you get home –

KELLEY. Call me when you get home. (Puts arms out) One last hug?

KAY. Sure thing! (Laughs and hugs Kelley) Have a goodnight you two. (Walks offstage and chucks up a peace sign)

KELLEY. Wanna get some coffee, dude?

Erin stays quiet and crosses her arms.

KELLEY. What? (Pulls at Erin) Come on! I’m getting tired.

ERIN. You are crazy, you. (Shakes head)

KELLEY. What are you talking about?

ERIN. Oh, Kelley. (Pats Kelley’s back) Be good. (Starts walking offstage)

KELLEY. (Embarrassed) I’m not that desperate! Kay is awesome and all but –

ERIN. Let’s not talk about it. (Laughs) Kay is awesome. She’s a great friend.

KELLEY. (Smiles) She’s like my best friend.

Erin nods and walks offstage.

KELLEY. (To herself) Kay is such a great friend. (Nods) Yeah. Great friend. (Pause) Just friends. We’re just friends. (Smirks)

Lights fade



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