The Fight


Below is an assignment I wrote where I had to write each scene separately. I was instructed to write the first and third scene first before writing the second scene, which is the only scene with dialogue; the rest are just description. The first scene describes the setting before the fight; the third scene describes the scene after the fight. The dialogue between the two characters – in scene two – is the actual argument that alters the setting to the way it is described in scene three. I hope you enjoy!

– DaHv

Scene One

Natalie and Heather’s apartment. In the center of the living room is a vase full of yellow roses. The left side of the stage is Heather’s room. There is a well-made bed beside a couple book shelves packed with novels. On top of one of the bookshelves is a dozen roses and a teddy bear. Above her bed is a collage of pictures from high school, prom, freshman year of college. At the foot of her bed is a gift bag and red high heels. Heather is standing in the center of her room wearing a white gown, putting on earrings. The right side of the stage is Natalie’s room. On the floor beside her unmade bed is a pile of note and text books. A pack of cigarettes are on her pillow. On the wall above her bed are posters of Eminem and Spongebob Squarepants. Natalie is lying on her bed throwing a stuffed animal into the air and then catching it.

Scene Three

The vase of yellow roses is tipped over and the flowers have fallen onto the floor. The stuffed animal from Natalie’s room is at the foot of Heather’s bed. The roses and teddy bear from Heather’s room are on Natalie’s bed. Natalie is sitting on the edge of her bed crying. The red heels and gift bag at the foot of Heather’s bed are gone.

Scene Two

Heather slips into her red heels and picks up the gift bag. She takes a peak inside the bag and then smiles before heading out of her room. Natalie sits up and smiles. She gets off her bed, still holding onto the stuffed animal and walks out of her room. Both Natalie and Heather are now standing near center stage. Between them is the yellow roses.



HEATHER: That stuffed animal is adorable! (Smiles)

NATALIE: Yeah? (Looks at it) Guess it is, huh?

HEATHER:(Stares at the roses and points) Flowers?

NATALIE: Roses. (Smirks)

HEATHER: They look gorgeous!


NATALIE: Going out tonight?

HEATHER: Mmmhmm. In a bit. (Pause) Have you been out tonight? I feel like I should bring a sweater.

NATALIE: Nah! You’ll be fine!

HEATHER: (Pulls down on her dress and fixes her straps) You think?

NATALIE: Of course. You look perfect.

Heather glances at Natalie

HEATHER: Are you going out?

NATALIE: I don’t have a date.

HEATHER: I know but it’s Fri-

NATALIE: It’s Valentine’s Day. (Pause) Is Josh picking you up?

HEATHER: No, no. I’m uh, meeting him and some of his friends at that bar on Fifth Avenue. (Bites down on her lip)

NATALIE: You’re walking there alone? Let me drive you.

HEATHER: It’s fine, Nat. I go there all the time.

Natalie walks into her room and comes back out with her car keys.

HEATHER: The traffic is horrible at this hour. I will be fine walking.

NATALIE: It’s Friday night. (Pause) I-I just can’t believe you let him treat you like this!

HEATHER: Like what? He just invited me a couple of hours ago! He’s already on that side of town. It’d be too much of a hassle to pick me up.

NATALIE: Let me guess, he didn’t offer?

HEATHER: I didn’t ask. (Walks over to the yellow roses; leans in and smells them) Do you have a secret admirer?

NATALIE: No. (Walks towards Heather) Don’t you like them?

HEATHER: How could I not? Yellow is –

NATALIE: Your favorite color.

Heather steps back.

HEATHER: I have to go –

NATALIE: Why are you acting so weird? (Laughs uncomfortably) You’re making this so weird. (Pause) It’s just a holiday! Yes, of course, the flowers are for you. Happy Valentine’s Day! (Gives Heather the stuffed animal and leans in to give her a kiss on the cheek but Heather pushes her away)

HEATHER: I’m going to be late! (Starts walking down-stage)

NATALIE: (Grabs Heather by the hand) He probably isn’t even there yet. Traffic’s bad, remember?

HEATHER: Nat, you didn’t have to…you shouldn’t have…thank you, but –

NATALIE: I thought you loved the flowers. You said the dog was cute. (Lets go of Heather’s hand)

HEATHER: I do. I do. It’s just, I already have a Valentine. Josh. Josh is my Valentine and he bought me flowers and a stuffed animal. A bear.

NATALIE: (Walks into Heather’s room and throws the stuffed animal at the foot of her bed. She comes out with the roses and teddy bear) Pathetic! So stereotypical! No wonder why these weren’t in a vase and this wasn’t on your pillow!

HEATHER: (Yelling) They are sweet!

NATALIE: (Yelling) He’s known you for a month! He should know your favorite color and animal! (Walks over to the table and starts taking the yellow roses out of the vase)

HEATHER: (Walks over to her) What the fuck are you doing?

NATALIE: You like these better than the ones I bought you! They deserve to be in a vase!

HEATHER: I said they were sweet! (Tries to grab Natalie’s hand) Doesn’t mean I like them more.

NATALIE: (Grabs onto some flowers) You got him a gift.

HEATHER: (Tries grabbing Natalie’s hand again) Oh come on.

NATALIE: (Yelling) Then where’s mine?! (The vase tips over and the flowers fall out. Natalie and Heather step back, startled. Water is on Heather’s dress)

HEATHER: (Looks down, checking out her dress) Oh shit! Now I’m really going to be late.

NATALIE: You still look perfect to me.

Heather walks upstage.

NATALIE: Sorry that I forgot a card. I know how much you like –

HEATHER: Have a good night.

NATALIE: When will you be back?

HEATHER: I don’t know. I’ll call.

NATALIE: Ya know I love you, right?

HEATHER:(Looks back at Natalie) I know. (Walks off stage)

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