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2011 was a wonderful year for me. I experienced a lot of milestones in this past year that I am very grateful for. 2011 was the year that I was accepted into my first choice college, wrote and produced my very own play, received news of publication, contributed in choosing the winner of NH Film Festival’s screenwriting contest, got my very own car, celebrated a three year anniversary with my boyfriend and met a great group of friends and professors at my new school. Although – I must say – it was a successful year, the biggest milestone I experienced involved realizing that people are people.

This past year, I made mistakes in putting people on very high pedestals. My expectations of them were so high, because I chose to make them that high. I’ve realized that before putting a label on a person, whether it’s “best friend/professor” or “arch-nemesis,” one should make an effort in getting to know the person on more than just one level. In one scenario someone may come across patient and generous, but that doesn’t mean they always will act that way.

Everyone has their own insecurities and aspects that trigger them. It’s not someone’s responsibility to know and understand another’s weakness the moment they meet them, but they shouldn’t feel disappointed and confused if this person acts unusual. If you find yourself feeling disappointed about someone, reevaluate the way you acknowledge them. You should never think someone is perfect or amazing, especially if you have just met them. Even your favorite celebrity or artist can be disrespectful. People are people, and people have problems. But the way they cope with their problems, shows what type of person they are.

This is something I have struggled to understand and trust this past year; but it is something I will keep with me going into the new year.

Is there something you have learned this past year that you hope to keep going into 2012?

I hope you all have a great New Year and someone wonderful to celebrate it with!

– Dahv

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