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You play us like cards. He’s a King of Spades; I’m a Queen of Hearts. You draw a heart on my blue back in red permanent marker and slip me in your pocket. Pinching the King between your pointer and thumb, you bend the card along his neck – back and forth – until it tears. You like me in your pocket, don’t you? I’m so close in reach. Whether he’s beheaded or not, the King knows all…

Have you looked at yourself looking at me? It’s quite a sight. I can’t tell if you’re disgusted or intrigued by the view. You just stare. Want me to uncross my legs? Maybe I can lean back with my hands behind my head. (One, two, three) flex. (One, two, three) flex. You’re still staring. Bet you want me to stand up so we can hug now. Pull me in so close, so tight, like he did.

So close you think we did it.

I know we didn’t.

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