Black Rose


I just wrote this this morning. It is definitely a work in progress. Please give it a read and give me some feedback!


Thank you!

“I hate writing you in pen and using a pencil is useless – I never want an excuse to erase.”

– Dahv


I gave you a vase.

Tossed my window knick-knacks in a drawer,

and let you water-dwell on my kitchen sill.

We moved to another room

where the sun’s shine silhouetted the backs

and tails of window-cooped picture frames.

I pushed off my books, placed you on my night stand.


Days passed.


Your pink petals welted, curled like frowned lips.

I slipped you into a new vase: blue, wine bottle-shaped.

Peeling like burnt skin, your petals

blue-dotted, bruised purple.


I stirred in a pinch of water crystals.

They rose to the surface and dissolved

Like shaken steroids.


Hours passed.


Petals, now black, rolled,

dropped like cocoons.

Three petals remained –

bruised blue and purple:

pink-canvassed watercolor.

I move you back to my kitchen sill.


The sun shifted like a spot light.

Your shrugged stem  rose, lifted

your lips. Red buds collared the

neck of your stalk. Petals postured,

lips still lifted, you smiled.


The sun spread along the horizon.







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