You’re a Work in Progress


Just wrote this in the past hour. It is a work in progress. I would love some feedback on it before I add anymore!

– Dahv


You’re a work in progress.

I’ll call you “project number one.”

You’re filed under September –

The year is irrelevant.

I hate writing you in pen and

Using a pencil is useless –

I never want an excuse to erase.


I greet you once the sun has dropped

And spread its shadow, with a red pen.

A glass of wine sits between us. You’ve

Always been up for some new ink.


I’ll cross out consonants like they’re eyes;

Add in words like they’re beauty.

Your face: indented white space.

Your body: the words.

My pencil: a needle.


I’ll prick your frame, beneath

Each wrinkle of text, till

Words – body-burrowed – bleed

To the neck of this page.

Let my lead soak,

The tip’s now wet and writes like pen.


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