“Mark Me”


Below is a piece of verse I wrote recently; I have submitted this to a couple literary journals.

If you have any, please leave your comments below – any feedback is appreciated 😀


I touched the tree’s torso: wet, stretched finger prints.

Your collar unfolded like airplane flaps. My hands cupped the

Crevice between the trunk and branch. You pinched your collar

Pulled your shirt overhead; slipped your arms out last.

I slid my finger through the wrinkles. Hands pocketed,

You shifted weight in each foot – hips swung side to

Side – as your waistline sagged to a smile.

My thumb rubbed the lips of a wrinkle: empty pea pod.

You pushed the smile to the ground.

The lips drooled sap; sap strung from my middle and index

Like trapeze wire; wire drooped onto my upperlip and smelled

Like sour honey; honey, you said, tasty huh?

I grabbed the two knots in the bark;

You fondled your pair. Back against trunk,

Legs apart, I lifted my arms, flexed; hands, fisted.

You stepped – creased my shadow –

Between my parted feet; your indexes placed

In my waist’s side-sockets.

So thin, you said with your thumbs pressed on my stomach –

Harder, harder (tightened, tightened) – like I’m

A keypad-armrest.

– DaHv

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