Why We Are Famous


If any of you are American Idol fanatics, then you all must be familiar with the contestant, Alexis Cohen, who performed a drastic rant after her audition was rejected during season seven. If you need a reminder, then you may watch the video of her audition below:


So according to Fox News, Alexis was killed outside of a Jersey Store in her hometown of Allentown Pennsylvania, in result to a hit-and-run. Cohen was apparently preparing for a call back audition for American Idol season nine, when the accident had occurred. The autopsy reports showed that her death was caused by injuries in the head, abdomen, and chest.

That is definitely tragic…

But why is this one of the top news stories? Well, she can thank her explosion on the set of American Idol for that. If it wasn’t for American Idol and the way she reacted, why would we care so much? I even think that when the woman, who was in the Guinness World Book for the longest nails, decided to finally cut them–that was a top story also.

It makes me realize that your chance of fame doesn’t depend on what you’re doing now, it depends on what you already did.

This accident benefits YouTube and American Idol. Where will we go to watch her audition video? YouTube. Where did it all start? American Idol.

So if you want to be remembered when you die, you better do something big and make sure it gets aired on a popular TV show.

…that’s the only advice I can give you about something like that.

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  • I think its kinda weird, but when you think about it, that is what people wanna read these days. Lots of stuff on the TV and radio and internet is so over done to make it more interesting. So many people don’t know a lot about whats going on in the world other then so-in-so’s new booty or nose job. hahaha.