When The World Stopped Trying


In 2005, the video game Guitar Hero was published by RedOctane and distributed by Activision. The very first Guitar Hero was released on November 8th, 2005, and it’s popularity developed as the various models were released as the years continued. Now, you’re able to play Guitar Hero with PS2, XBox 360, PS3, Wii, and Nintendo DS.

If any of you who are reading this have played this game once or twice; own a copy of the game; or are only friends with a certain person because they have it; then get ready to defend yourself via a comment.

There are two ways you can look at this game…

Wow, the players of the game are being exposed to such a variety of good music.

Oh my God, all my kids do is sit on their butts all day and brag to their friends how they can complete the whole Through The Fire And Flames song on expert level, but if I hand them an actual guitar, they wouldn’t know where to start.


All of us would love to be able to play the guitar really well and impress our friends with our talent, but Guitar Hero is a one way ticket to loser-ville.

Haha, I can do that song on expert level with my eyes closed.

Shut the hell up.

Where are you going to get in life if you spend your days and nights playing a game that is literally laughing at how untalented you are?

If you think this kid is your idol, I’d suggest you lie in the sand during high tide and let the rhythm of the waves guide you to a better place:


Look, I’ll agree. The game is fun…whatever. It doesn’t mean I am going to rely on some video game to make me famous like Stan and Kyle did on an episode of South Park entitled Guitar Queer-o:


It’s sad to think that some people believe that something this ridiculous could actually happen…wow, what a crazy world we are living in.

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