Thanks To You, We’ve Gotten Nowhere


What’s the point of a music Myspace asking who you’re signed to? Is there such a thing as having a record deal anymore, or getting signed? Not really.
If you’re a rising artist who is hoping for that one chance to be heard by a random audience member, that happens to manage a huge record company, you better wake up from that dream and face the nightmare entitled: the truth.

If you plan on being the next best artist, you have a long way to go. Too bad this type of career choice doesn’t come with an instructional manual or pamphlet…Warning: May cause frequent screams of frustration and many unsold-out shows.

If you’re up for something like that, then you better get a van, a bag full of cash, copies of your demo Cd’s, posters, and a show tape ready; because if you come empty-handed, you’ll leave empty-handed. I’d suggest you aim for the audiences of colleges. Colleges love any source of entertainment, as long as they get something in return (a lot of free stuff). You will definitely experience more concerts with no money in return, than the other way around. But look, you have to spend money to earn money.

The one thing I am really tired of people saying is, ‘Damn, that song is number one, and this artist was considered famous instantly.’

No, I’m sorry. It’s not that easy.

If you’re lucky, maybe your second removed uncle is Dr. Dre and your step sister’s boss’ insurance company’s owner’s aunt is Janet Jackson. But the chance of that type of coincidence is extremely low.

But look…

If you have a huge, strong, large fan base, decent music, a lot of free stuff, someone or something that consistently promotes you, and you’re sold on iTunes eventually–then you’re getting somewhere.

But trust me, it’s rare for Dr. Dre or Britney Spears’ manager to come across your Myspace and email you, asking you to sign a deal.

So don’t waste your time waiting for them, because they’re definitely not making an effort waiting for you.

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