And The Winner Is…


The other day I was surfing through the channels and came across this talk show where they were interviewing the co-star from the show Hannah Montana–Emily Osment. The interview involved questions about life on the set of the show; what Miley Cyrus was like; the party Miley had thrown Emily for her birthday; and potential love interests.

To wrap up the interview, a supposed fanatic of Miley Cyrus, was asked to come up onto the stage to answer a few questions about Miley. Emily and this OCD fan cooperated to answer the questions. The fan had to get at least 2 out of 3 questions right in order to win $400.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if there was a chance for me to win $400 by just answering a few questions about Eminem or Taylor Swift, I’d be psyched!

So of course the fan won. But when she won this outrageous money prize, she just stared at the camera and smiled. She didn’t even jump for joy. What the heck?

Now I know on every TV show that involves having participants, the creators of the show tell the participants how to act. But it’s hard for me to believe that the fan was told to sit still and just smile at the camera when she wins the contest. That doesn’t make sense.

Or maybe she just wasn’t that excited.

I mean…I don’t blame her. The participant was a fan of Miley, not a fan of Emily. I’ve noticed that when co-stars of shows are interviewed, that’s when the hosts of the show decide to bring an audience member on the stage to answer a few questions about the star of the show, in order to win some prize. But when they are interviewing the star of the show, the hosts seem to ignore the audience and only play games for the star to play; leaving the audience to watch in pure amazement (*ahem* agony).

Well let’s look at it this way…

If Dr. Dre was being interviewed and was asked about Eminem or 50 Cent…and you’re called up on stage as a supposed # 1 fan of Eminem/50 Cent…you win some game that involves answering questions about Eminem/50 Cent…you win over 100 dollars…would you be excited about the winning the game, or pissed off because you didn’t win tickets or backstage passes to Eminem/50 Cent’s next concert?

Come on it’s television…

There’s just so little of what they can give away…

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