I lost too many friends but I won too many bets…lol, and you’re proud of that?


As you all know I absolutely despise Lil Wayne, but when I heard the song Pop Bottles by Birdman (featuring Lil Wayne), I literally felt sick to my stomach.

Okay, okay…let me get this straight.

His name is bird man? Lol. Why? Is it because he has wings whether or not he’s drinking Red Bull? I mean come on! He sounds like an amateur pilot that was one flight exam short from getting his license. Lmao.

Once again, like I’ve said before–listeners can only enjoy songs about things they cannot relate to, or things they can really relate to.

This is a question for the guys: As much as you want to see your girlfriend or significant other swallow, would you honestly say: ‘shut up bitch swallow
If you cant swallow, shut up bitch gargle?’ God I hope not. If so, you’re definitely not known as a fan of Lil Wayne, but more of an obsessive worshiper! You better shut off the iPod and go back to watching Sesame Street, because sir, you’re living under a bad influence!

‘We are popping champagne like we’ve won the championship game’

There is another example of a clever translation of:

‘When I get a boner, watch out, cause I’m gonna be exploding!’

^ I honestly think that’s more interesting. What guy can’t relate to that?

Another thing, should the listeners of Lil Wayne be referred to as listeners or hand swayers? Because even when I hear his stuff–while I’m reading along with the lyrics–I still cannot decipher what he is saying! In my opinion, he makes Ozzy Osbourne sound like a narrator for book on tapes.

If you haven’t seen the ridiculous video, definitely watch it and tell me what you think:


I don’t care what his songs are trying to prove about getting models…especially after this:


Talk about writing material!

‘I kissed Birdman and the press liked it…’

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