The Ugly Truth


I honestly think that what happens in a plastic surgeon’s office, should stay in a plastic surgeon’s office. Out of all the things celebrities experience, why is all of our attention drawn towards weight gain and discreet boob jobs? Because for some weird reason, we are so obsessed with these people that we would rather hear the disgusting details of a celebrity’s nose job, instead of their recent marriage or album.

I don’t really care about how many nose jobs Michael Jackson had in his lifetime or what O.J Simpson would have done if he killed his wife (awkward pause), but I care more about their fans and haters.

I am sorry, but haters and especially fans, are sick. We are so obsessed it makes movies like Fatal Attraction or Taken look lame. We don’t even have to do anything drastic! But honestly, in my opinion, buying every copy of Star magazine to stay updated with Oprah’s weight is ridiculous.

Check this video out:


If you didn’t enjoy that the slightest bit you are a liar. I would even admit to watching the whole thing and letting out a slight gasp every time I saw the ‘after’ picture.

Yes, you caught me. Even though it isn’t any of my business about how much plastic surgery anyone has had, it is still accessible information, and it’s not leaving any time soon.

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