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If you were a celebrity, who would you prefer to make fun of you:

Mad Magazine



Jimmy Kimmel

Howard Stern

If it was me…definitely Mad Magazine!


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  • Out of the list: Eminem.. He’d be so harsh he’d make me want to hang myself. It’d be funny to watch me cry like a four year old little girl in a lions cage.

    Not out of the list: Warbux.. He makes insults that make people want to go :(.

    Actually, quick note, he battled some guy 3 years ago – and after the battle was over he never logged back onto the same name on the internet. People ’til this day think he killed himself.

    Love you!

  • Definitely Saturday night live. I love that show, haha, Although I never really make it up that late to watch it. I think it’s because most of the world knows it watch that, and SNL probably wouldn’t hurt you too badly inside. LOL.