Is This For Real?


I read this article a few minutes ago:

Um…that’s news? Are you for real? Damn, that Paris is just a living joke huh? This is what I don’t get about Ms. Hilton…why the heck is she famous? Yes, The Hilton is a great hotel, but does she deserve to be that chick of fame? It’s embarrassing! I can’t believe this reporter wrote such a pointless article. I mean…why? I’d rather read about Britney Spears’ bowel movements instead of this friendship crap! Even if this is real information or not (and I hope it isn’t), at least reading about Britney’s diet and most recent crap would turn more heads and keep me interested.

Last week it was a bad burrito that brought Britney to the stall, but what did she eat this time? What made her lock herself in the bathroom for six hours? Her agent claimed that she only had breakfast that day, but her friend’s certain it was food poisoning. Find out what’s intruding on Spears’ digestive system at ten!

Now that’s news 🙂

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