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Have you ever noticed that it is really rare for an artist to sing about simple life scenarios a listener may experience daily? For example:

Calling your friends (significant other)

Paying the mortgage, bills

Going out shopping

Talking to your in-laws


But no, they talk about going to jail; DUIs; picking up chicks/guys; having sex; partying; being chased by the police or a gang…oh yes, I can definitely relate with that.

I respect someone who wants to tell their life story in a song, but not if that is the only thing they’re motivated to write about. Yes, I understand you were sentenced for twenty years…I got it. Uh oh, here comes another album…oh that’s right you were in jail…mmmm

Can’t we get some new material people?

If an artist wants to discuss their drug addiction then they should give the album a theme about drugs. For example, Eminem’s newest CD was entitled Relapse, and every single song had something to do with him recovering from his drug addiction. Now that’s entertainment! It is very direct and has a memo.

Flo Rida should look up to Eminem…because honestly, how does an Elevator and Sugar have anything in common?

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  • Why do artists write about that stuff?

    Because it sells. No one’s gonna buy a track that they don’t find exciting – and people find this exciting.

    Relapse was a good album – but I don’t think someone should make a whole album about a drug addiction. It’s like, “I got it when you said it seven years ago! You’re on drugs, you got off, you relapsed!”

    Good album, but Eminem didn’t do a good idea IMO.

    I don’t like music anymore.